10 DIY Loft Bed Ideas for Small Rooms That Will Save You Space

small loft bedroom ideas

The loft bed is a unique type of bunk bed that typically consists of two beds stacked vertically, giving kids an extra space to play or study. Loft beds are perfect for small rooms because they save you floor space while providing another sleeping level. Furthermore, because the loft bed gives your kid more privacy, it also helps him stay off his iPad games. What’s not so great about it? You need to build one yourself.

‘Do It Yourself’ may be difficult sometimes but if you try hard enough you can get something done automagically .

Check out these amazing DIY loft bed ideas for small rooms and get inspired.

1. Classy and Functional Loft Bed

Bed Ideas

You can’t go wrong with a classy loft bed using this as an example. You can build one yourself quickly and everyone will be amazed by the storage space underneath the bed! Looks great in a playroom, too.

Bed Ideas

2. Dorm Room Loft Beds

Look how cool these dorm room lofts are! They may not look extremely comfortable but your college kid will feel like a princess for sure – who wouldn’t love to sleep from cloud nine? Great to save space without compromising style and comfort. That’s what you call an amazing loft bedroom idea.

3. Loft Bed with Desk and Dresser

This type of loft bed features a built-in desk and dresser for even more storage space. If you think that looks good then check out the others – this simple design will definitely suit your room’s style.

4. Fun & Colorful Loft Beds

These fun loft beds are perfect for little girls who love to design their rooms, but why not boys? Colors are so vibrant it is impossible not to feel happy in these spaces! And best of all, you can easily copy any one of them! Just pick the color scheme that suits your kid’s taste most. No need to hire an interior designer in this case.

5. Minimalist Loft Bed Ideas for Small Rooms

Another example of a simple, yet stylish loft bed for small rooms. This minimalist design features a ladder on the side of the bed and will look perfect in your kid’s bedroom.

6. Loft Bed with Cabinets

This loft bed is even more special because it has built-in cabinets for extra storage space – not to mention those cool stairs which make this space look even cozier! Your kid will be enjoying studying up there.

7. Loft Beds with Bookcase Headboard

Such an inspiring idea to build a bookcase as a headboard for one of those lofts or bunk beds. What’s great about it is that you can easily use any type of bookshelf you have around the house and turn it into a headboard. Even if you don’t have that many books to fill it up, fake bookcases will look adorable in any kid’s room.

8. Loft Beds with Slide

Who wouldn’t love this? The slide adds even more fun to the loft bedroom idea and saves you space by adding another sleeping level. Kids can easily climb up there through the stairs – no need for an actual ladder. How cool is that?

9. DIY Loft Bed Made From Pallets 

So maybe your skill level is not ‘amazing’, but everyone has a right to own a stylish loft bed regardless of their talents. This simply designed bunk or loft bed was made from pallets and looks so charming.

10. Boys Loft Bed Ideas for Small Rooms

And last, but definitely not least is this super cool boys loft bed – the perfect solution for a lack of space and so much more! Your boy will enjoy playing up there or just chilling with his friends all day long. You can even add some more color to this design and turn it into an amazing girly bunk bed.


If you’re still unsure about building your own loft bedroom ideas, don’t be afraid to hire professional help. Check out these low budget options for kid’s room furniture that I found on Craigslist . What’s great about them is that they can easily be painted and customized as per your style and taste. Just make sure your kid loves the final result! If you want something even simpler but equally stylish, check out these cool beds for girls . They are on the expensive side but the design of them will amaze you.

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