35 Home Storage Ideas (Room-by-Room)

35 Home Storage Ideas (Room-by-Room)

If you want your home to be a place where you can spend your life happily, you take care of storage. Actually this is all about space management, and if you are planning to have children, then it becomes even more important.

Whether you have a gigantic house or a small apartment, you all need a better storage idea. Making space to store the home essentials enables you to have a well-maintained house. Your home looks beautiful and clutter-free as well. Here are some home storage ideas that anyone can easily apply in his or her life.

35 Home Storage Ideas
35 Home Storage Ideas (Room-by-Room)


This is one of the most common forms of storage. There are many ways of shelving, like mudroom lockers, this type of lockers are usually built in the mudroom of the garage but one can construct it anywhere, as per requirement.

Storage benches are also a very good option here as they don’t consume much space. A coat wardrobe for a hall can also be very helpful. Wall hooks, floating shelves, coat rack are some more good options here.

Shoe storage is a must-have here, and if one has more space available, then it can be decorated with a decorative chest and a console table.

Bedroom Storage

If you don’t have enough space available for storage in other places, then the bedroom can solve some of your problems, some of the best storage options for bedroom are, wardrobe, dressing table, closets, under the bed storage, and much more.

Kitchen Storage

When constricting a kitchen one must be very sincere about its storage, because this is the most appropriate place to store foods and other necessary ingredients. Cabinets, drawers, wall rack, open shelves are some good options here.

Home Storage Ideas: Living Room Storage

35 Home Storage Ideas
35 Home Storage Ideas (Room-by-Room)

Though the living room isn’t a great place for storage, it can be a really good place to store books on open shelves, or to keep a tea table.

Home Storage Ideas: Washroom Storage

It can be a very good place of storage if constructed properly, some storage options for a bathroom area, a vanity which is really a classic way of storage, cabinets where medicines can be kept along with towels, floating shelves and freestanding shelves are also very useful here. And one must have a towel rack in the bathroom.

Home Storage Ideas: Dining Room Storage

Most of us think that the dining room is not a very good option for storage but, with some built-in counter cabinets, serving tables and shelves.

Garage Storage

A garage is a place where we can store the fuel and tools that are necessary, besides keeping our vehicles. Cabinets, storage bins, bicycle racks vehicle storage lifts are some good options here.


So, follow these tips and tricks and make a space at your home efficiently. Do not let the items give a mess up look to your home. No doubt, you can solve all your storage issues conveniently when you use the available space smartly.

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