7 DIY Toy Storage Ideas To Organize Your Kids Room With Ease

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Moms know very well how tough it is to handle kids and their tantrums every day. Right from running after kids to feed healthy food to convince them for a bath, keeping up with everything is very tiresome. And when you’ve bought lots of toys to keep them busy, you are adding more tiresome tasks to your list. It’s easy with these toy storage ideas, especially when you have less space and more toys.

7 Toy Storage Ideas For Busy Moms

Pile Up The Used Boxes

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If you have some old boxes or cartons, don’t throw them away. They are pretty much handy to organize your kid’s room. Paint them with beautiful colors and arrange them in open cubbies. Make small racks and organize their tiny stuff here.

Use Old Bins

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Any old bin is perfect, or you can make a DIY bin to store the toys. Decorate the bins to make them look attractive, and you are ready with a toy container.

Mesh Hangers

These hangers are very functional, attractive, and inexpensive too. Besides stuffing them with old clothes, you can pack them with unused or broken toys to declutter your kid’s space. However, hang them at a height so that your young ones can have quick and safe access to their toys.

Over-The-Door Hanger

You might not have thought about the vacant space behind the doors, but this one could be the best toy storage idea. Make a door hanger and stick it to the back of the door and fill them with stuffed toys. Ensure the hanger has enough pockets to carry all the toys. However, keep limited toys in them as they will not look good on the doors and ruin the appearance of the room.

Garage On The Wall

Boys love cars, and they start collecting them since their childhood. If you do have a little car collector at home, then make this DIY garage on the wall. Take few planks of equal size and nail them against a wall. Make sections for each type of car to keep it more organized and tidy.

Ask your kids to park their toy cars after their game over in this tiny garage.

Store Under The Bed

If you have a big bed with lots of drawers, then make use of it. Place small boxes of equal size in the drawers for each kind of toy. This is a great way to store unused toys or old toys.

Baskets For Toys

The wire baskets are great toy storage ideas without involving the need to make shelves or nailing against the walls. Buy lots of plastic baskets from the market, add tags on each one to mention which toys will go in a particular basket, and keep them organized.

You can even control the playing activities of kids by allowing them to play with toys of one basket at a day. And if you have more than one toddler at home, this one is the best idea to keep everyone’s toy separate.

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