8 Must-Have Storage Boxes

8 Must-Have Storage Boxes For Every Kid

There is no wonder that your kid needs space too because there are so many toys. And if your kid is not good at keeping his room clean and tidy, then he needs more space. This makes the room look unnecessarily messy and troublesome as well. So you need to keep things organized and make sure that everything is in place. We have collected some best storage boxes ideas so that you get the idea of how to keep the clutters away. The best thing about these storage solutions is that they are inexpensive and helpful.

8 Must-Have Storage Boxes For Every Kid
8 Must-Have Storage Boxes For Every Kid

1-Tower Of Toys

These storage ideas look simple yet fabulous no matter where you place them. They look good in your living room plus playroom and this idea is also very rare as the boxes come with the tower itself. There is various boxes combination into a single tower. And thus, they provide you with plenty of storage solutions.

2-Mesh Hangers

These mesh hangers and inexpensive and functional, help you organizing things and keeping them away from the floor. This is an ideal storage organizer for stuffed toys especially, but you can keep balls as well. Keep the most used toys in the bottom shelves and the rare ones in the top shelve.

3-Cube Shelves

Cube shelves are pretty common storage ideas for toys and available in almost every big-box store. They come in various color options along with a reasonable price. A perfect solution for stashing toys, books, etc. They are also available in various sizes.

4-Cheap Storage

As a parent, you might be looking for something that would keep the toys off the floor. Try this one if that is the case, it is an over-the-door hanger where you can keep small stuffed toys. You can also use the laundry boxes and keep them off the ground with large hooks.

5-Bed Storage

It is a very common storage idea for small rooms, a drawer under your bed. You can keep all the most used toys and accessories in the drawer under your kid’s bed for easy access. You can either purchase a bed that comes with a drawer underneath or a trundle bed that does not come with a mattress.

6-Royal Toy Box

This type of toy boxes looks like a little bed with cushions and mattress. The top of the boxes opens up to give you storage and at the top, your kid can sit with his little friends. Moreover, they come in various designs and color combinations to catch your eyes.

7-Baskets Of Toys

These basket ideas are for sticking up to your wall where you can hold small toys. They are easy to hang in your wall and gives easy open access to toys. You kids can easily reach them whenever they need.

8-Wall Cubes

Cube storage as we mentioned earlier, is useful. And the wall cubes are the ultimate way to organize your toys without creating a mess. They come with plenty of storage options to keep multiple sizes of toys.

8 Must-Have Storage Boxes For Every Kid
8 Must-Have Storage Boxes For Every Kid

How did you like these toy storage ideas and which ones you think are suitable for your kids?

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