Bathroom Ideas For Smaller Spaces

space saving bathroom ideas

When it comes to making space for a large family, many homeowners turn to space saving bathroom designs. In today’s world of ever-increasing housing costs, a “duplex” home is often considered a financial liability-to say the least. Not only does it take a great deal of square footage to house a family of twelve, but homes today are built much more cheaply than they were in previous decades. More often than not, homeowners have to take out a second mortgage to pay for a home that cost two or three times what it did a generation ago.

Role Of Multi-Purpose Room

There is no question that a multi-purpose, multiple-use room can add value to your home. It is a highly desirable piece of real estate. The problem begins, however, when a homeowner buys a home and finds that the bathroom presents major challenges-particularly in terms of storage space. As the number of family members grows, so does the necessity of finding creative ways to store the increasing quantity of hygiene products, laundry detergent, shampoos, conditioner, etc., that are produced during each family outing.

The Age

This, ultimately, leads to the age-old bathroom “cave” concept. In this scheme, a homeowner would construct a space within their home that is separated by a wall on all sides but one. This “cave” space could be used as storage for bathroom products, while still being accessible from the main living area. Many homeowners, however, use their space in a more traditional fashion and use the cave to hide the washing machine, dryer, television set, etc. While this solves some storage issues, it also restricts the amount of maneuverability a bathroom user has when making changes to the layout-a major concern when designing a small or compact bathroom.

Shower Shell

Another option that is becoming increasingly popular among those interested in efficient bathroom design is the “shower shell”. In this design concept, the bathtub is surrounded by a larger, somewhat round, shower pan. The shower pan then tucks itself neatly into the corner of the bathroom area, out of the way of the tub and all of the accompanying plumbing and electrical devices. This space saving option also allows the bathtub to be placed against a wall, allowing for optimal floor space and visual appeal.

Some homeowners, however, choose to build surround bathroom ideas into their homes. In this case, the shower area is built up against a wall, with the rest of the bathroom area functioning as the walls of the shower cabin. Because these units tend to be rather large in size, they take up more room than their sliding counterparts. However, since they don’t need to incorporate as much space as a sliding door would, they are perfect for maximizing space and often include a functional “skylight”. This is a feature that helps to create an illusion of a larger bathroom.

Summing Up

The perfect way to save space in a bathroom is through a combination of cleverly designed bathroom furniture and smart bathroom cabinet placement. If you take your time when choosing the right fixtures and fittings for your space, then you can save yourself quite a bit of money. However, in the midst of all of this, the more important features are overlooked. One of the most important aspects of space saving bathroom ideas is to invest in the correct measurements for your room, and choose the fixtures and fittings that will allow you to make the most of the space that you have available. Once you have done this, then you are truly living in a space worthy of the name!

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