Bedroom Storage Ideas For Small Rooms

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Clever storage tips for small bedrooms can be the key to creating a space that works. It is a difficult balancing act to get just right.

But worry not – with a bit of clever planning (and a lot of space-saving furniture) even the smallest of rooms can quickly become a clean, tidy haven. And don’t think that all storage is necessarily confined to cabinets. One of my favourites is the closet or pantry closet organizer. This clever piece of furniture actually acts as a mini closet in and of itself, providing you with extra room in which to store items such as clothes, shoes and even linens!

Bedroom Storage Ideas With Closets And Pantries

A bedroom with a bed in a room

Bedroom closets and pantries are one of the best space savers you can make. If you have a very tiny bedroom, a closet organizer can add up to huge savings in both time and money. In a tight space where the furniture, wall hangings, flooring and other furniture fixtures are competing for valuable floor space, a closet or pantry organizer can take care of itself in no time at all. This means that you never have to worry about anything cluttering up or taking up valuable floor space. You can simply use this space to put some extra pillows and perhaps a spare sheet to sleep on.

The pantry and closet organizers I use are made from solid wood, giving them an elegant, timeless look, while also ensuring that they are easily accessible and safe. The pantry or closet organizer that I recommend is the ‘Swiss army knife’ style. This ingenious piece of furniture is a simple cube or rectangle shaped box that is used to store things like linen, clothing, blankets, towels, shoes, socks and more.

Closet Organizer Saves You A Lot Of Space

A double bed in a hotel room

It’s great because it makes it much easier to find things when you need them, and then you can open the top of the cube or rectangle to access what you’ve been looking for. What’s more, once the storage cube or rectangle is empty, you can simply slide the top back out, and it will be ready again for another day of searching. – so there’s no need to wait until you need it again to use it.

The best thing about using a closet organizer in a small bedroom is that it will add extra room in the bathroom for storage, as well. Because it can be fitted into the bathroom ceiling (where most people don’t use it as often) it can provide you with additional storage space, making it easy to store your items in the bathtub or shower, or even in the tub.

It also makes cleaning up in the bathroom very easy as it can be easily accessed whenever you need it. In fact, because it’s built into the ceiling, you’ll probably be surprised how much more easy it is than having to use a bathroom cabinet! This means that you can easily reach the cupboards or shelves to pull out items without having to climb up and down. You can also open the cabinet without having to worry about getting it stuck under your bed!

Make Your Bedroom Comfortable With Bedroom Storage Ideas

Bedroom storage ideas aren’t always limited to storing just your bedding, though. There are many other options you can find online, in stores and even in magazines. Many designs are designed for larger rooms, giving you extra storage space to store other pieces of furniture and accessories such as wardrobes, chests, dressers and chest of drawers.

There’s no point in having a bedroom that is bare and uninteresting if you don’t have bedroom storage ideas to make it more comfortable and attractive. By using these storage ideas and incorporating them into your bedroom design, you will soon have a room that you can use every single day.

The most important thing you can do to give you the best storage space for your items is to place them in the right places. When you do that, you won’t have to rummage around in boxes and drawers and you will be able to find what you need very quickly, ensuring that you never have to leave your bedroom.


If you need to find storage space for something that is frequently used in your bedroom, you should look online or ask your friends who you know who may have a solution that’s a great way to organize their storage space. When it comes to storing things, there is no such thing as storing too much or too little. So start today, and get your bedroom storage ideas together, and see how easy they are to set up.

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