Best Space-Saving Storage Bags to Invest in

space saving storage bag

Vacuum storage bags seem like an infomercial gimmick but, despite appearing in more than a few infomercials, they’re actually really fantastic and perfect for home storage and travel. Here are our favorites.

Best all-rounder: SpaceSaver Premium Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags ($12)

As a general all-rounder, you can’t go wrong with SpaceSaver Premium Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags. The pack comes with two jumbo size bags that are perfect for extra large items like your duvet, bed sheets, towels, or blankets. They promise to provide you with 80% more space than any other bag on the market too.

That’s because these bags utilize a few different ways of sealing. It has a double-zip seal, as well as a triple-seal turbo valve that’s designed to get every tiny bit of air out of these bags. Anti-microbial materials are used within the bag to keep things safe and hygienic, plus there’s a free travel hand pump thrown in for those times when you don’t have a vacuum cleaner nearby to do the hard work for you.

Best For Every Eventuality: Ziploc Space Bag 14 Bag Variety Pack ($40)

Know you’re in need of decluttering on a large scale but you have no idea where to start? Ziploc’s Space Bag 14 Bag Variety Pack is your savior here. The pack offers—you guessed it—14 different bags of various different sizes. That breaks down to 4 medium flats, 4 large flats, 3 extra large cubes, and 3 suitcase bags. Ziploc even tosses in a few suggestions of which scenario requires which bag.

Ultimately though, it’s up to you and it serves as a great introduction to decluttering through the medium of vacuum sealing everything extensively. There’s a bag for every scenario which is super handy when you need to do a little bit of everything. The bags offer a double zip seal as well as turbo valve so things are kept nice and squished at all times. All you need is a hand pump or vacuum cleaner.

Best for travel: RoomierLife Travel Space Saver Bags ($18)

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When traveling, you want to pack light. Otherwise, you end up having to carry a ton of bags for not much gain. Vacuum seal bags are perfect for cutting down your load (in size, if not weight. They’re not magic). RoomierLife’s Travel Space Saver Bags are a great option for this. The 8 pack comes with 4 large bags and 4 medium bags, so they’re a good mix of bags for storing towels or smaller items of clothing.

The beauty here is that no vacuum cleaner or pump is required for these bags. Instead, you just pack, zip, and roll. The air exits from valves at the bottom of the bag, and you’re good to go. They’re transparent too so the TSA won’t be bothered in the slightest. Suitably durable, they’re a must have if you travel frequently.

These three are our best choices.

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