Convenient And Hassle-Free Interior Firewood Storage Ideas That You Ought To Know

firewood storage ideas

Falls are all about getting warm and cozy and snuggling up to your favorite spot with a book to read and a cup of warm tea to sip on. It gets even better when you have a fireplace in your home. So, you can enjoy all of this sitting by the fire and never have to worry about a thing. But wait, that also means you definitely have to worry about storing the firewood. You may not want to store it outdoors because it can absorb lots of moisture and cause trouble when you want to start a fire. But then again, storing them indoors might ruin the look of your space. So, what should you do? Then check out these amazing interior firewood storage ideas that can help you store all you need without making your house look like a mess.

Iron Circle Log Holder

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Make a statement in style with an Iron Circle Log Holder. The smooth, round stand is hand-manufactured from iron and highlights four large sections for both – your firewood storage and decor. With this, you can flawlessly stack wood on the base and spruce up the main three compartments with candles, books or family photographs.

Antique Brass Log Holder

Amp up your fireplace game with this Antique Brass Log Holder. The awe-inspiring stand is made from iron for sturdiness and covered with a rich antique-metal layer of brass to add that perfect warmth and coziness. The stand flaunts a crate style base to give space for a huge quantity of firewood thus saving you the hassle of stocking up on it from time to time.

Calfskin Firewood Tote

Hoping to overdo it on your firewood stacking? A cognac calfskin and treated steel firewood sack and stand is the exemplification of extravagance. The steel outline wears a faint commendable champagne finish, and the removable sack sling is attached with two calfskin wrapped oak handles to guarantee you a simple and rich portability while gathering firewood.

Round Log Holder

Sleek, stylish and simple, a round log holder stand is an unquestionable requirement for your cutting edge or contemporary family room. The striking casing is hand-created from sturdy, powder-covered iron and highlights a matte zinc finish. Keep the holder alongside the hearth and use the modern candles to embellish your shelf and design an outstanding space.

Mechanical Log Carrier And Holder

Add a mechanical touch to your fireplace plan with this smart firewood holder and storage stand. The removable canvas tote includes a cognac cowhide trim and comfortable calfskin handles for simple log transportation. It is no doubt a stylish and a useful firewood holder you can boast in your space.

Wrapping Up

These were our top picks for indoor firewood storage ideas. You can get these stands easily online or in any local store. But if you are looking for absolute authenticity, you can also go ahead and get one made for yourself.

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