Cool Small Room Loft Bed Ideas for Low Ceilings

small room loft bed ideas for low ceiling

Small Rooms require smart and flexible solutions. Loft bed is a great simple idea to save space in your small room, because under the bed there’s an additional storage area for clothes, books or other things that you need every day.

So let’s check Cool Small Room Loft Bed Ideas that obtain a low ceiling .

Space Saving Bed Frame

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This loft bed frame was created for a kid’s room with a low ceiling. Built-in drawers save additional space under bed and great ladder design that can be used as a bookshelf or just a seat. This unique modern small space bed is the perfect solution for your kids bedroom , because they have both – sleeping place and storage area .

Loft Bed With Closet

A bedroom with a computer on a table

Another interesting idea for a tiny room with a low ceiling – this smart Loft Bed With Closet which has a workbench inside the closet! Great solution to keep all things in order in your teen’s bedroom .

Under The Stairs Space-Saving Idea

Space saving idea perfect for home offices too! This cozy Loft Bed With Desk uses under stairs space and gives you a great work area without taking too much space.

Fun Loft Bed Idea for Kids

Simple idea to create a fun area in your kids bedroom – slide! What about two slides instead of one ? That’s the original double loft bed that looks like a real climbing wall for children!

Low Loft Bed Idea to Save Space

Another great idea for a small bedroom – multi-functional design! This simple and stylish Low Loft Bed has a bed and several shelves and drawers to store all your things. It can be used as a bookshelf or even nightstands in the bedroom thanks its simplicity and sleek clean lines .

Chic Loft Bed With Benches

This chic loft bed with benches will add contemporary style to your teen’s bedroom ! The built-in bench on both sides of the bed gives this furniture piece extra seating . There’s almost no wasted space , so it uses minimal floor space while still providing adequate storage under the bed .

Fold Out Hallway Desk

One more smart solution for a small attic room with a low ceiling – fold out hallway desk. This great idea is perfect for a tiny home office and most of the time, it’s even multifunctional! Folded up , there’s plenty of room to walk around easily or pull in and out of the car; Pull down the desk and you’ve got a workspace .

Open Loft Bed With Slide

Open loft bed design with a slide is another original idea for a kids bedroom . The slide will give your child joy and a safe place to play during nighttime. Slides can be closed under the bed when not in use, but this storage box takes too much space , that’s why we recommend only one slide .

Chalkboard Wall Bed Design Idea

It looks like a wall, but it’s a bed! If you want to create a fun kids bedroom , this Chalkboard Wall Bed Design is the perfect idea. Instead of the usual bed frame, there are two big chalkboards for drawing and writing on . Simple solution that lets the kids be creative during the day and sleep at night .

Double Bunk Bed Idea

And last, but not least cool loft bed design – double bunk bed. This simple design fits well in any room of your house or apartment. If you have limited space, this large storage area under the top bunk will help you with storing all stuff .


Loft beds are a great solution for a tiny room with a low ceiling . They don’t take much space and you can use their hidden storage area for books, toys, clothes or other daily things. So what’s your favorite idea?Must try one of these and make your room well managed and stylish.

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