Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

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Everyone has their very own style of organizing their collection, nearly everyone wishes to store them properly in order to preserve them for long. So how can you do this? How can you actually get your DVDs into the best possible shape to ensure their safety? Many have turned to professional DVD organizers in order to solve this problem.

DVD/CD Storage Types

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There are a few different types of DVD/CD storage ideas available. The first one is the DIY CD storage idea. This is the most popular way of organizing a person’s dvd collection as it is not only cheap but also relatively easy to build. All you need is a CD rack or some similar device to hold all of your discs neatly. The downside to this type of storage system is that the individual discs can become scratched or damaged due to these scratches.

Another of the many DVD storage ideas is using wall shelves. These work great for the person who likes their DVD’s displayed on the wall. They allow you to easily admire the titles of your favorite movies. In addition, they keep the discs neat and in good condition until you are ready to watch them. Wall shelves can be a bit tricky to assemble.

Some More Permanent Solutions

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If you prefer something a little more permanent as a solution to organizing your dvd’s, you might wish to consider the various types of DVD storage furniture available. One type of DVD storage furniture is the portable DVD rack. This type of furniture allows you to organize your dvds in almost any shape or fashion that you desire. They generally mount on your walls, but can also be used on tables, book shelves and even sofa pillows. These DVD racks are very versatile as you can store a large number of DVDs in a limited amount of space.

You may be interested in organizing your DVDs in a way that makes it easier for you to view and access when you desire it. For this purpose, you may wish to consider adding a DVD rack to your DVD storage unit. The DVD rack can hold several different sized discs. This makes it much easier for you to locate the specific movie you want to view. Most DVD racks will hold between two to five movies.

Other Solutions

You can also make use of other types of DVD storage ideas such as the more permanent options of wall art and the addition of CD shelving. Wall art is a great way to decorate your home while still being able to have plenty of room in your home. Since there is no need to rent a DVD player or watch a movie you can take advantage of this type of DVD shelving. If you have plenty of empty wall space, you can install permanent decorative wall art that can look like works of art while still providing you with a place to store your dvds. If you want to make the most of your CD shelving then you should invest in some high quality CD shelving. Many people who are constantly rearranging their home decor do so because they are not satisfied with the current state of their shelving units.

Another of the more creative CD DVD storage ideas is to purchase a number of beautiful CD cases to store your dvds. When you buy an entire set of DVD cases you can store up to fifty days in total. This can be used for special occasions such as family reunions and holidays and can easily be customized to add your own flair to the case. The best part about this type of storage is that it can also serve as a viable back up plan should you happen to lose the original discs that you have purchased for the purpose of storing them.

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