Easy and Simple Space Saving Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchens

space saving kitchen ideas

Are you searching for space saving kitchen ideas? When you are renovating your home or planning an addition, it is ideal to explore the many different options that will save you room in your kitchen area. If you are starting from scratch, you may want to start with the kitchen design to give you an idea of what kind of space-saving enhancements you can incorporate without making structural changes.

Cabinet Refacing- Simple Space Saving Kitchen Ideas

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One of the easiest space saving kitchen ideas that you can implement is cabinet refacing. You can save a significant amount of cupboard space with cabinet refacing. Install hooks and racks on an empty wall to hold a wide assortment of items like cooking utensils, pans, ladles, skillets, and spoons and don’t need aclosed space. Choose a style that coordinates with your existing kitchen cabinetry or use a completely new style that will contrast with your current kitchen cabinetry. After you decide where you will place the racks, draw up plans using graph paper to plan your new layout.

A second one of the many space saving kitchen ideas that you can implement is the installation of a pull-out pantry. A pull-out pantry can be installed at the countertop or underneath a cabinet door for easy and efficient access to small appliances and kitchen goods. Install the pull-out pantry above or below the dishwasher or sink if possible for maximum usage. If you are unable to install the pull-out pantry under or above a cabinet door, consider installing a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted cabinet.

Replace Existing Kitchen Hardware With Functional Items

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A third space saving kitchen idea is to replace your existing kitchen hardware with functional, durable, and attractive items. Replacing the knobs and pulls on your cabinets, drawers and hangers with stylish, contemporary decor items can make a dramatic difference in your room’s appearance. Modern hardware comes in a variety of styles, colors and finishes to match your existing cabinetry or create a contrasting design. Look for items that will match your decor or add to the appearance of your room.

The last of our space saving kitchen ideas deals with the utilization of your available space. If your kitchen cabinetry is oversized or consists of many narrow and exposed cabinet doors, you may want to consider moving some of your small kitchen furniture to the floor or adding cabinet doors that feature a slide to open the top half. If you have a pull-out pantry located above your small kitchen island, you may want to move the small items that occupy the space beneath your pull-out pantry door into an area on the floor. An attractive solution is to install a floor-to-ceiling hanging rack and hang dishes from the rack on the wall.

Create Vertical Storage Options

The most efficient space saving kitchen ideas involve the use of your ceiling to create vertical storage options. For instance, you can build shelves along the perimeter of your ceiling to hold pans and pots. If you have a double oven, install a drop-in oven that sits on its own ledge above the double oven. Horizontal-mounted cabinets can also be used as a space-saving option by installing vertical shelves to hold small appliances such as a toaster or blower. For even more space-saving options, install a series of angled or ceiling-mounted cabinets on the same level or to the side of your double oven.

One of the easiest space saving kitchen ideas involves the elimination of messy counter space. Consider removing your large cutting boards from your counter space and replace them with lightweight wooden or laminate boards that take up far less room. Some simple rearrangements can make a big impact on the look of your kitchen and add much needed counter space without making any permanent changes to your cabinetry or cabinets. You can also use boards to create an “L” shape by placing two parallel lengthwise-cut out pieces on your surface. These L-shaped cutting boards make a great addition to a breakfast nook or corner breakfast bar.

Last Words

A well-chosen kitchen pantry can greatly expand the usability of your home’s kitchen area. Install a wall-mounted cabinet cutting board on one wall in your kitchen and locate your other cupboards on the other wall. Use flexible and long cabinet shelves to efficiently store and organize small kitchen appliances, pots, pans, baking items, small toys and holiday decorations. In addition to all of these space saving kitchen ideas, consider installing energy-efficient light fixtures. Replacing your old ceiling fixture with a recessed lighting fixture can dramatically increase the illumination in your kitchen. This simple change alone can make a big impact on the appearance and functionality of your space.

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