Easy Space Saving Ideas For Apartments

space saving ideas for apartments

There are many space saving ideas for apartments that you might want to consider if you have limited space and would like to make the most of what you have. Bunk beds, futon mattresses, and daybeds are all ways to use as little space as possible. With these ideas, you’ll be able to maximize your current space while potentially making it even more efficient for you.

Choosing the right materials for your space saving beds is important. Many people are opting for metal as an excellent material choice. It is very durable, which means that you don’t have to worry about having to fix the bed in the future because it has been damaged. Metal is also much lighter than traditional wooden or twin beds, which will allow you to save space in your apartment.

Metal Loft Stairs

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If you do choose metal for your space saving beds, it is a good idea to invest in metal loft stairs. These will offer you a safe and secure platform for you to climb up into. There are many different loft stair design options to choose from, which means that you can have the look of wood or metal without paying out a lot of money. There are also many different colors available, so you can match the type of furniture you already have in your bedroom.

Bunk Beds

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One of the best types of space saving beds for apartments is bunk beds. These can be used in conjunction with futon mattresses in order to provide you with a better way to sleep. With twin beds, you often have to put both sets of beds on the floor, meaning that you have to make sure that there is ample room underneath for your feet. Bunk beds, however, provide you with a single elevated sleeping area, giving you more space underneath. There are many different bunk bed designs available, which means that you can choose a style that fits your personal needs. Some of the more popular designs include single, double and king-sized bunk beds, as well as options such as a ladder or other type of mechanical aid to make climbing onto the bed easier.

Futon Mattress

If you have a smaller sized apartment, then you may want to consider just using a futon mattress. Futons are comfortable and easy to sleep on, so you won’t feel like you are sleeping on a coffin. There are also specially designed loft mattresses available for use in apartments, which can help you get the best nights sleep possible. You can also choose between foam, memory foam and air mattresses in order to find the perfect space saving solution for your apartment.


If your apartment has none of these storage space options, then you will definitely need to look at getting some. You can use cabinets, closets and drawers in various ways to create more storage space in your room. A closet is an ideal way to store all your clothing and accessories, as it will prevent you from having to walk around the room looking for your things. You can buy ready-made ones or build your own custom cupboards. It will depend on your individual needs, as everyone needs different levels of storage space.

Having a TV in the apartment is another space saver idea that many people overlook. With today’s technology, you can easily pick up a good enough quality TV for a very small amount of money. Although a flat screen may be more expensive than the older CRT TVs, you will save a lot of space by not having to have a separate entertainment room. You can simply use the flat screen as a storage space while still watching your favorite shows. Due to the size of today’s televisions, they actually take up less space than old TVs. This is perfect for those with small living areas.


You can add as much furniture as you like, provided that you know how much space you have and what you will be using it for. If you are just going to be putting a few pieces in an empty room, you can get by with only a couch and a table. If you have a larger apartment, you will need a desk and chairs.

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