Furniture Placement Tips in the Sitting Room

Furniture Placement Tips

A lot of people who want to spice up their sitting room will think about buying new furniture. But what if they have a bunch of great pieces already? If you’re one of those responsible for the good taste in your home, then you know that there are many ways to make it work without spending another dime – or even replacing any furniture at all!

Here are some tips on furniture placement in the sitting room that can work wonders.

Keep it simple

Furniture Placement

The basic rule of thumb for arranging and decorating your sitting room is: keep it simple. The more items you put in, the smaller and less impressive the sitting room will look – especially if you use small-sized pieces to fill big areas. Instead, try grouping several large pieces, which will make the room feel bigger than it is!

Take a look at these concepts

Furniture Placement

Arrange your furniture as if it’s meant to be seen from above. If you’re placing chairs around a table or sofa set, place them against a wall with their backs facing outwards towards the center of the room. This makes those pieces feel like anchors, drawing focus toward them.

Similarly, you can try placing a coffee table or dining table in front of a window. Having natural light fall on it from the side makes it look even more beautiful!

Remember that the best way to make your sitting room feel bigger is by making sure there’s plenty of space between all furniture pieces. This also helps them look lighter and more elegant. That’s why you should never place two chairs right next to each other; always leave at least 20 inches (50 cm) in between them. A good rule of thumb when arranging your rooms is to keep furniture at least 5 feet (about 1,5m) away from one another.

Last but not least, always think about traffic flow when placing furniture. You don’t want people to be constantly walking into things or getting stuck in a corner. Try to imagine how you and your guests will move around the room and place pieces accordingly.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to start arranging your sitting room like a pro! And if you ever need some help or inspiration, remember that our experts are always here to give you a hand. Happy decorating!


In conclusion, furniture placement in the sitting room is a very important aspect of living. When it comes to designing this space you have to take into consideration all aspects from aesthetics and functionality. For your design plan to be successful, you need to make sure that there’s enough light coming through windows or skylights. You also want an open floor plan if possible so people can move around freely and not feel cramped when they’re talking with other guests at your home. If you think about it, these are just some simple tips that will help improve the overall look and feel of your interior decorating project while simultaneously creating a greater sense of comfort for those who visit!

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