Genius Toy Storage Ideas

toy storage ideas

Yes, it is possible to have kids and a tidy house—and there’s no catch or loophole either, like you being the one who has to pick up their toys. You just need some strategic storage solutions that make it easier to pick up toys and keep them organized when play time is over. Ahead, we’re rounded up 32 genius storage solutions from designers to guide the way. Give your existing walls and furniture an update to help them work harder and keep clutter at bay.

Stack Crates

A close up of a toy

Stack up some old crates or boxes and lay them on their side so they can serve double duty as open cubbies. The eclectic mix of sizes in this playroom by Regan Baker Design makes for a fun aesthetic, too.

Double the Function

In this nursery, Emily Henderson transformed an existing dresser into a changing table by placing a changing pad on it. This way, you’ll have three drawers of storage space for toys, clothing, and essentials without having to buy more furniture.

Use Bins With Tops

A close up of a toy

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t actually want this hamper in our rooms. The whimsical bin is both fun, understated, and practical—the perfect addition to this room designed by Katie Ridder.

Secure Coat Hooks

Use a coat rack on the wall to hang any dress up costumes or hats. This will free up more space in bins and drawers.

Use the Toy As Storage

Nope, it’s not too good to be true. Use the lucite shelving unit is shaped like a dollhouse. There are so many fun options out there that can make even something ordinary (in this case, a shelving unit), into something exciting and inspiring.

Build Storage Benches

You can use built-in benches with drawers to serve as extra storage space. Whether you use yours to stows away bags, shoes, or other toys, it’ll come in handy throughout the years.

Store Them In a Closet

Take advantage of the extra closet room while your kids are young enough not to care about clothes and put a small bookcase in the closet. You can use it to keep their toys out of sight. Then beautify the closet with a pretty wallpaper. This way, you’ll focus on the eye candy instead of the clothing, toys, or whatever other knick knacks you store there.

Secure Floating Shelves

Take advantage of awkward wall space by turning it into a mini-library. Install short picture ledges that keep bedtime reads within reach or opt for fun, whimsical cloud shelves.

Have Fun With Color

Choose a fun color for storage baskets and it’ll look more like decor and less like a place to stow away toys. 

Repurpose Old Items

Storage is one thing you know you’ll always need, so choose something that’ll last and age with your child. Like the ottoman and floor lamp—give the room a refined edge that will age well. And those stacked antique trunks bring in both character and extra storage for toys.

These are some genius toy storage ideas.

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