Home Space Saving Ideas

Colors can be likened to the aroma of a meal, they serve as the foretaste of what is being served. If you ever use the wrong ingredients for the meal, what you would get would be a poor and uninviting aroma and eventually a not so pleasant meal. In the same vein, the color of your house serves as the foretaste of that house especially for visitors. But much more than that, the color contributes largely to the spacing of the room which eventually affects the entire outlook. Using a red color for a small room for instance can make it all heated up and uncomfortable. You can make the most out of your home spacing if you make use of the right colors.

In another instance, most people tend to get tired of the outlook of their homes after a few years of living in it. However hard they tried to avoid it, the whole place just seems to become all stuffed and tighter each passing day. Then there comes the need to try out new home space saving ideas. They begin to get new shoe and bag racks, shrink their dinning settings, pack bags and the likes, but they most times never think of changing the room colors. What they never seem to understand is the fact that colors set the tone for your home and appeals to your emotions. They just have a way of bringing freshness and newness to your home especially when they are bright colors. It lightens up the entire place and gives you a level of breath and spaciousness that wasn’t there previously, and with it, achieving your home spacing becomes even easier.

Here are a few unusual colors you should try out when you want to achieve good space saving for your homes:


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Most interior designers would recommend the use of white paints for your bedroom as they help to brighten up the entire room and makes it appear much larger than it is. But not juts white parts, off-white tends to serve you your preferred look even better. Off-white colors are softer, cooler and gives more balance to the room’s appearance; a perfect bedroom setting I must say.


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Imagine having your living room or your children’s room painted with a perfect shade of grey. Some persons are of the opinion that gray colors sets a tone of gloom and sadness, but that’s not completely true. All you need to do is to make use of the right shades, a wispy dove or rich charcoal grey are a perfect idea. A monochromatic gray is also a good suggestion for your living room, especially when used with an off-white cream color.

Mint Green

Mint green paired with violet, royal blue or white can also bring freshness into your home, making it more spacious and welcoming. It can be used for your kitchen, living room, bedroom or any other part of your home that seems perfect for you. It is also a good color suggestion for your home accessories like your curtains, rug, drawers, etc.

Dark Navy

Navy blue colors have always been a widely accepted color for all forms of décor. Good part is that it is a neutral color that can be paired with other colors to make the room more spacious livable and

Final words

You should never make the mistake of leaving out the use of colors for your home space saving plan. Asides those listed above, colors like purple, sky blue, soft yellow, Tan, white, and many others are also perfect suggestions for achieving good home space saving. You should try them out one of these days.

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