Here Are Some Reasons To Choose A Zipped Sleeping Bag – A Concise Guide

space saving sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are a great way to go camping or go on any long distance trip. These are light in weight and easy to carry but what about when you need to carry them in space? Many bags are made super thin, which means that they can be very difficult to carry around. This article is going to look at how you can make sleeping bags more space friendly by adding some extra compartments and pockets.

Have you ever tried to zip two bags together? It is much easier to zip a larger bag together with many smaller zippers. By doing this you can make the bag lighter and more space saving. I have seen a lot of hiking bags which are made by keeping two bags inside of each other and one big zipped bag that you can take over the top. This allows for more room for things such as sleeping bags, lanterns and other accessories which are needed for trips that take you far from home.

Decide Whether You Want A Large Or Small Zipped Bag

Firstly you want to decide whether you want a large or small zipped bag. The large ones tend to be a little more expensive but are usually larger and have more compartments. If you do buy a large one, make sure you get one that has removable compartments. These are very useful as you can take whatever you want with you on your camping trip without it taking up a lot of room in the bag. You should also make sure that the sleeping bag has a couple of zipped pockets on both sides. This allows for extra accessories to be stored in the bag which you may not have had space for otherwise.

Most sleeping bags these days will have zipped bag’s on the side which allows for you to have separate compartments. This is a good thing as you will have somewhere to put items such as torches and other lighting accessories. What you may not realize is that many people use their sleeping bag as a dust cloth. Therefore you want to make sure that the bag you purchase has compartments for dusting off things such as your laptop or a power point stick.

Many Bags Also Come With Seperate Mesh Compartments

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Many bags will also come with separate mesh compartments. These mesh pockets can be used to keep things such as pillows and jackets out of sight but still within easy reach of the zipped bag. It is a good idea to keep your drinking water in one of the zipped areas of the sleeping bag.

The final aspect of the space saving sleeping bag you need to be aware of is that some bags will have a number of separate zippered pockets which you can use to store different accessories. A lot of the mesh bags will have multiple pockets from which you can choose the ones that suit your needs the best. For example, I tend to keep my keys, cell phone and a change of clothes in one of my outside pockets.

One final thing that many people do not realise is that the zipped bag design is actually one of the most efficient ways of storing clothing. Clothes will stay wrinkle free and completely dry if they are kept in a zipped bag. This means that you will not need to pack your bag full when traveling. Instead, the bag can be opened up completely and your items can be stored in a neat manner. It may even be possible to keep all of your clothes closed in a zipped bag when you are travelling by air.

Bottom Line

All in all, there are many benefits to using a space saving sleeping bag. The bag will dramatically cut down on your bag space, allowing you to get more in for your money. There are a variety of different designs available to give you the perfect sleeping bag for any situation. If you are considering buying a bag for camping, you should look at some of the space saving sleeping bags that are available. These bags can help protect your equipment as well as storing it so you can easily take everything with you.

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