How to Choose the Best Space Saving Shoe Rack

space saving shoe rack ideas

Have you ever wanted to find the best space saving shoe rack ideas? You have, when you look around, but what do you do? How can you possibly determine which rack will work for you and your space? What is it that you will really be able to stand to benefit from having? Here are some ideas you might want to take into consideration.

Many people think that a shoe rack that only fits a couple of shoes can be a good solution. It may fit, but there is not going to be nearly as much space saved. This kind of space is mainly going to be used as a decoration at the front of the store. It may give you the impression that your store is more organized than it really is.

Another way to look at is whether the shoe rack you select will be the proper height for your window. If you have a tall window, then you will need to select a taller rack. If you have a small window, you will not need one that is as tall as the others. Remember, you want to match the shoe rack to your store. This way it is easy to notice when you put on or take off a pair of shoes.

How To Determine 

shoe rack

How is the height of your shoe rack going to be determined? The best way is by simply going outside to your store and taking a good look at it. Make sure that all of the racks are even. If they are not, this could cause difficulty when putting the shoes on and off.

How about your floor plan? Do you have plenty of room in general for the racks you are going to purchase? Are you limited in size? Are there any obstacles in the floor that prevent you from getting the racks in and out of the store easily? Think about how the items will be stored once they are on the racks. Is there ample room for them in the room or do you need to make other arrangements?

Is Your Shoe Rack Durable? 

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Some racks are made of plastic which will deteriorate quickly. Others are made of metal and will last you a long time. If you choose metal, you want to make sure that it is rust resistant so that it does not rust while it is being used. Some types of racks will rust if they are exposed to moisture so be sure to choose a material that is not susceptible to moisture.

Need More Space

Will your space saving shoe holder is installed where you work? Are you going to have enough space to put the racks with all of your shoes inside? You do not want to get any extra stuff you do not have to place on the ground right next to your chair. Some people put their shoes on the floor and use a table as a stand. This will save you some space, but you do not want the table to tip over when the person who is eating at the table spills his soup all over the floor!


How much space do you need? Some shoe racks are only for a few pairs. It may be more economical to purchase one rack and use it for all of your shoes. Other shoe racks can accommodate several pairs and you will not have to purchase more than one. Before you buy one, figure out how many pairs you will need to place in it so that you know exactly how much room you will be utilizing.

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