How To Design A Smaller Kitchen

space saving ideas for small kitchens

If you buy a very heavy item, you will need to move the rest of the kitchen around to make room. If your kitchen is too small, you will find that this becomes a problem. So what are some ways of making life easier?

To begin with, when you shop for items, you should go to a store with smaller items, such as smaller refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers. This will allow you to see how much space you actually have and therefore be able to choose what you need in the way of appliances. In addition, if you only purchase big items, such as the stove and refrigerator combos, you will find that you will have no room to even move around in the kitchen, let alone work in it.

You Must Determine What You Need First

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Obviously, if you are going to be working in a small kitchen, you may have to do without certain items. However, before you set out on any major space saving ideas for small kitchens, you must determine what you need first. This will allow you to make the most out of your space. For example, if you only need a refrigerator, it does not make sense to buy a big TV or computer, for example, if all you will need is a refrigerator with cold space.

Similarly, if there are two or three people in your family who cook, then cooking in two separate rooms is not wise. It is important to keep all work in one place, so that you can see what you are doing and from where you are getting the items you need, rather than having to look all over the place. For instance, if you are chopping wood, then you may want to buy a table with a saw blade and cleaver attachment. It is much easier to use a table with these tools rather than standing on your head to chop wood.

It Is Important To Consider Floor Space

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Next, when you are selecting kitchen space saving ideas for small kitchens, it is important to consider floor space. Does the kitchen have a lot of space on one side or does it have a lot of empty space? If it has a lot of empty space, then you will want to make sure you have a countertop on that side of the kitchen. Otherwise, you are looking at creating more space for things such as sinks and refrigerators. If you have a small kitchen, then you may want to buy a built-in microwave oven. However, if the kitchen has a big oven and floor space, then it may not be possible for you to fit a microwave oven on that floor.

Also, you should think about whether the kitchen is a sink or is it simply a place to cook food. In these cases, you do not need to get as much cabinet space because there is no need to store large appliances. Instead, you can opt for built-in or wall cabinets that store smaller items. Alternatively, you can install a counter on that wall that is dedicated only to cooking food.

Think About Your Budget

Finally, you need to think about your budget. Many small kitchen space saving ideas for small kitchens focus on the appliances and how much space they take up. However, you should also consider other costs such as dishwashers and cabinets. These costs can add up quickly and can become quite expensive if you are not prepared for them. For example, a small refrigerator that you purchase may not be sufficient to store all of your foods.

One of the best things about a small kitchen is that it allows you to eat outdoors. However, if you live in an area where the weather can get quite nasty, you may want to reconsider the idea of eating outside. In these situations, you will have to prepare your meals indoors in an insulated kitchen cart, or perhaps a small refrigerator.


In any case, space saving ideas for small kitchens really depend on how much room you actually have to work with. It may seem like a lot of appliances and space when you first start out, but you will see that it really doesn’t take that much to make a kitchen that is usable.

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