How to Organize Your Favorite CDs Using Small Storage Ideas

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If you’re searching for CD storage ideas, then this article is definitely for you. In this article, I’ll show you how you can save a lot of space in your house by using some CD storage options that are also very economical. It is possible for you to create some interesting CD storage solutions without spending too much money. All you have to do is find a few options and you’ll be all set.

Basic Tips 

One of the easiest CD storage ideas is to simply use those unused shoes that you have stored away. So, if you’re not looking to create a brand new one specifically for your CD and DVDs, simply use these shoes to store it in a drawer. For a minimum budget, you may use any old shoe boxes or other used containers that would fit your CDs. Just make sure that these containers will protect the CDs from scratches and other forms of damage. Just remember to always store these disks in a dry, dust-free and air-tight place.

If you’re looking for some more economical CD storage ideas, then you should consider using some CD cases that have their own lids. CD cases that come with their own lids are ideal for storing your dvds. Since these cases are usually constructed from heavy duty plastic, they are quite safe from damage. However, some people prefer to use ordinary CD sleeves instead of the plastic ones because these types of covers provide a better presentation of the music. Besides, these kinds of covers also require less space since they only have one lid.


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One of the most common CD storage ideas nowadays is the creation of small shelves where you can put your DVD’s. If you have a huge and unwieldy DVD collection, this may seem like an idea that doesn’t apply to you since you can’t possibly squeeze all your favorite DVDs into one tiny shelf. However, there are plenty of small DVD shelf storage ideas that you might be interested in before dismissing this option out of hand.

If you want to include CD case ideas for your CD collection, you should make certain that the material is sturdy enough to support the weight of the disks. A good option for you would be a CD shelf made out of wire. Aside from supporting the disks, these come in several designs and colors. Wire CD storage ideas are perfect if you don’t want to invest too much on the project. You can even paint them according to your desires for Christmas gifts.

Storage Units 

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If you’re planning to make use of a CD storage unit for all of your dvd’s, you should also be able to organize your discs once you’ve put them inside. These days, there are several styles of racks that make it easy for you to group all of your favorite CDs. There are those that simply have several compartments while others come with hidden compartments that allow you to stack up your disks neatly. You can also opt for racks that have a hinge so you could conveniently hang them from the ceiling. The ultimate, however, is a wall unit that comes with a CD player so you won’t have to lug around stacks of DVDs every time you want to play music.

Other small CD storage ideas you may want to consider are those that feature open shelves and drawers. There are those that are designed to mount right above your cabinets, enabling you to stack up on your favorite CDs even when you have limited space in your kitchen island or pantry. Some models even feature CD enclosures that are closed off by a transparent plastic covering. You can then mount your CD collection on the open shelves, where you can easily browse through your collection and find the perfect one for you. Other kitchen islands that feature open shelves and drawers can be used to hold other kitchen appliances such as your sugar cooker, coffee maker, microwave or toaster.


If you have a lot of CD collections that are scattered all over your house, then you should invest in a CD storage drawer, especially if you have a good place to install it in your kitchen. Such drawers come in several varieties, with some that are designed to accommodate only a few discs while others can accommodate hundreds. You can also opt for larger versions that can accommodate large CD collections without worrying about scratching them.

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