How To Use Your Garden Shed Storage Ideas Wisely

shed storage ideas

Shed storage is something every gardener needs. There are so many ways to organize garden sheds but what I am going to do in this article is concentrate on organizing your shed with the help of storage ideas from top to bottom. As with any other outdoor storage space, the key to a garden shed storage is organization. It must be a place where the items you use everyday can be found easily. So, let’s look at eleven smart shed storage ideas to keep it tidy and organized.

An Overview

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One way to organize your garden shed storage ideas is to have everything in one place, no more, no less. You must have one place to put your gardening tools, and another for your garden shed garden tools and seeds etc. If you have different boxes or bins for each then it will be more organized. Also try and have everything together so when you need a certain item you can just reach in and grab it rather than rummaging around for your gardening tools and seeds etc.

Another storage scheme which is very popular is fasteners. This way of organizing your sheds storage means that you can use screws of the same colour to fasten two objects together, this also helps keep everything in order. Also opt for self-adhesive fasteners, as they make your job that much easier. Fasteners come in all shapes and sizes, so have a good look around and try and get yourself a few different types of fasteners to use, this way you can really spruce up your garden shed storage ideas and get the best results.

Must Do Tips

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Keeping your garden shed in order and neat requires some simple shed storage ideas. Keeping some sort of list can help you stay organised. When you start making lists, you will soon realize that it is very easy to mix things up when trying to plan your storage space. Also you could do with a few simple slip covers. Some of the simplest of garden shed, storage ideas are using some old clothes hangers to help keep your stored items neat and tidy.

One of the simplest of shed storage ideas is to buy a simple metal or wooden hanger or rack and use it to keep your garden tools neatly together. A hanger is a simple metal frame that you can fix up into a variety of shapes. A great shape to use for storing gardening tools is a square one, this is because most tools such as spades, forks and knives will usually fit nicely into a square frame. You should always try to avoid using hooks as they tend to attract dust and other substances that can be harmful to you. Wooden hangers are usually safer than metal ones, and they can come in a wide variety of shapes.

Probably the easiest and cheapest of shed storage ideas is to use a plastic storage chest. Plastic chest’s can be purchased in a wide variety of different colors, designs and sizes. They can also be made from a wide assortment of materials such as plastic or metal. A basic plastic storage chest will generally consist of shelves and a couple of drawers if required. You can buy these in almost any color and finish you wish.

A Great Idea

Another great thing about some of the shed storage ideas is to use some old garden shed pegboards. Peg boards are cheap and easy to use tool racks. You should always try to buy a peg board that matches the color of your walls and other hardware in your shed. Using pegboards in the right way can really make your tools and equipment easily accessible, and at the same time be visually appealing.


To really make use of your storage area, you may want to make use of a raised ceiling. There are plenty of storage options that can be fitted into a high ceiling. You can mount hooks and shelving on the ceiling to make use of it. If you can’t afford to install a ceiling due to cost, then you can opt for a shed that is designed with the use of the rafters. Rafters are typically not used for storage purposes, but if you need to fit an overhead rack then you can easily install a roof rack as well.

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