Japanese Space Saving Furniture To Make Your Home Comfy

Japanese Space Saving Furniture

Have you ever noticed how Japanese people maintain their homes despite minimal space? That is mostly due to the attractive furniture, which is less space-consuming and mostly foldable. There are numerous space-saving ideas from Japan that you can implement if you have a space crunch. In the urban areas, it is okay to have a small apartment, but you can make it look large and spacious with the help of Japanese space-saving furniture. These ideas will blow your mind away, and you would want to implement them now.

Staircase Storage-Japanese Space Saving Furniture

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This is one of the customized storage cases that you can have, and it will give you ample room for keeping all the unnecessary stuff. This connects to the living room to the upper section of the home, and Kotaro Anzai brought forward this brilliant design. He believed in doing something different, which is why he built cabinets like staircases and attached handles to the sides of them. Now you can fit anything you want into the stairs and open them as per convenience.

Foldaway Office

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Do you have work from home, and yet there is a shortage of space? Do not worry because now you can have a foldaway office. This is a portable cubicle that looks just like a cabinet and will stay away in the corner. Whenever you need it, you can open it, and it will give you the perfect cozy little desk to engage in. It is available in three different dimensions, and the designer is Atelier OPA, from Tokyo. It is a fully comprehensive program that you can get, and it comes with a power supply, LED light for late hours, and a lock to keep the files secured. What more could you want? This got discontinued because it was too expensive for overseas shipping, but why not implement the idea and get one made exactly like this? If money is not an issue, you can even grab a newer model for 1600 dollars.

Sliding Bookcases

This is another unique idea that Japan has invested in, and it helps in maximizing the space in small apartments. The culture of Japan is very vibrant and is an excellent investment for bookworms. Dinos is the creator of this bookcase, and you can get them at the various price range. So grab one today!

Tatami Platform Bed-Japanese Space Saving Furniture

If you want to increase your bedroom’s storage space, nothing can be better than the hydraulic bed system. You can easily lift the upper portion and keep things on the underside. The Tatami or sleeping mats are on the bed platforms to keep you comfy, and you can store your clothing under the bed. Now your room will have an elegant look.


Apart from all the furniture that we have already mentioned, you can also invest in the Japanese style closet, which turns into an office and folding tables inside the walls. These are going to be a bit expensive but very influential in the long run. So what are you waiting for?

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