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When your cute little one grows, it is always fun for you as a parent to watch and chart their growth. Today, you can do this along with decorating your homes a little. These incredible collection of hanging height measure ruler wall sticker for babies are worth your money. They have several designs and you have a variety to choose from. Right from pirate ship design to cute Barbie cartoons, there is something for every kid in this huge collection. You must get one of these hanging height measure ruler wall stickers as a fun part of your child’s growing process. 

Hanging Height Measure Ruler Wall Sticker (For Baby)

This hanging height measure ruler wall sticker is made particularly for growing kids. They have some incredible wooden décor. They have separate small spaces and have a unique thermal decoration that enables the kids to enjoy their childhood. These products take inspiration from the Scandinavian style and you can put it up in the role of your or your kid’s bedroom. Additionally, you can also put it in your living rooms and let the children have their fair share of fun in their little world. Your child can measure their height from time to time using this product. They are easy to put up anywhere but make sure that the walls are not wet before applying them. 

Buy your Hanging Height Measure Ruler Wall Sticker (For Baby) today.


  • Pattern Plane Wall Sticker
  • Specification Single-piece Package
  • Model Number wall sticker
  • Theme Portrait
  • Scenarios WALL
  • Censor Code ooden Wall Hanging Baby Child Kids
  • Material Pine Board and Canvas
  • Shape Rectangle
  • Style Nordic Simple Style
  • Technics Polishing
  • Measuring size 7-117cm
  • Packaging Size 21.5 * 6.5 * 5 cm
A bedroom with a bed and a mirror


  • The hanging height measure ruler wall sticker is ideal for families, nursery rooms, and even cafes and restaurants. 
  • The adhesive on these wall stickers is strong. Therefore, they work perfectly for sticking it in your room walls. 
  • These products have an easy installation procedure, you just need to make sure that the walls are free from dust, or grease. You can simply peel these pre-cut pieces of wall stickers from their backing paper and apply them wherever you desire.
A close up of a door


  • They cannot be applied on textured, or uneven wall surfaces. It will weaken the adhesive strength of these hanging height ruler wall stickers. 
  • Sometimes, it can be quite tricky to peel off the sticker from their backing paper. If not done carefully, you may end up tearing the wall sticker. 
  • Many customers complain of poorly as well as vaguely written instructions. Hence, you must lookup for this before purchasing these hanging height measure ruler wall stickers for your children. 


Babies grow quickly and once they reach a certain age, they love to see the progress they have made in life. There is a certain sense of curiosity regarding their height in this growing phase. Sometimes, they end up ruining their house walls to find any evidence of the little progress that they make. Hence, it is ideal to buy hanging height ruler wall stickers for them in this period. 

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