Living Space Furniture Ideas To Make It Look Bigger

living space furniture

Sometimes living space can appear to be less after it’s filled with furniture. In this type of situation, you need to trick your eye into thinking that space is way bigger than it is. You can always play with the living space furniture to make the room look big or small. Here I bring some of the essential tips to make your drawing room appear way more significant than it is.

Get ready to apply these tips and make your house a more comfortable and clean place to live in.

1. Install Smart Lighting.

Space Furniture

Choose lighting that can easily be attached to the walls or hung from above to save room space. Swingarm sconces also free up space on the floor and give dimension to the walls.

It would make your living room appear larger and spacious.

2. Barn Doors

Space Furniture

City apartments are tiny compared to their price; keeping this in mind, one of the best interior designers, Shari Francis, has discovered plenty of tricks up her sleeve to outsmart living-limiting floor plans.

Separate the bedroom from an adjoining living room, with a sliding barn door to enhance privacy and give you much space for different activities.

There are plenty of excellent and affordable ideas available in the market which enhance living space and make your home look very spacious.

A smaller sofa is always better than a bulky one that takes up the entire room, and one armchair fits better than two if it makes an easy path to walk around.

3. Club Chairs Instead Of Sofa

If you don’t have enough space for a sofa set, opt for two club chairs that would give your room a royal and bold look.

Two comfortable club chairs would be way better than a bulky sofa as they won’t take much space and would fit well.

If there’s a fireplace, angle them towards the side to encourage cozy hangs and conversation while drawing an eye to it.

4. Layer Coffee Tables

A set of nesting tables fits well in your room, but it takes too much space than required. A bulky coffee table also takes all your space and reduces the ambiance of your room.

Instead of all this layer, two streamlined tables for a sleek Scandinavian approach.

It would give a nice touch to your room and make your room appear way more significant than it is.

5. Build In Shelving

Whether you buy a place with an awkward design or renovate an existing space, try building designer shelves for extra space and a storage zone.

You can also build a bottom shelf which could help give you enough space to sit on it.

Try keeping the color of the shelf the same as the color of the wall, always prefer top-class material, and don’t compromise furniture quality.


These were some of the best tips to increase the worth of your house and help you build a more comfortable and spacious home. You can also hire interior designers, but sometimes they go over budget, so it’s better to go for this option as it’s affordable and easy to apply.

I hope this one helps you make your home more spacious.

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