Self Storage Tips – How to Pack Your Stuff Properly

self storage tips

Self-storage, short term and long term, are often a good way to free up space in a house or to house belongings over a prolonged period of time. But then it turns out that learning how to pack a self storage unit isn’t just a matter of the physical effort. A self storage unit can be very complex, and therefore you’ll need to use a few special self storage tips to make sure you don’t create any security problems for yourself, your things, and the self storage itself. Here are some self storage tips to keep in mind.

An Overview

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One of the most basic self storage tips involves the matter of security. Security is often a concern for renters, and that’s because there are many times when people will pack things into a moving truck, only to leave them behind when they move onto another property. It’s also a good idea for renters to pay close attention to the kind of locks that the self storage units use on their property. Many companies will use the same kinds of locks that you would find at home, so paying attention to these can help you make the security that you need for your things in a moving truck and at your new location.

The next of these self storage tips is related to delicate items. It’s important to not pack too much in a moving truck or on the self storage unit itself. Items that are extremely fragile may damage the walls of the container or even cause it to collapse. Items that aren’t as fragile should be put in boxes and stored with other heavier items. Heavy items tend to be on top of one another, and this can keep things from moving around when you’re trying to stack them up.

Insurance Related Tips

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Of course, one of the most important of these self storage tips is related to insurance. Insurance is important for a number of reasons, and one of them is to protect your belongings. While there are many different types of insurance available for different types of belongings, you should make sure that your insurance coverage includes a moving truck and all of your belongings if you move. In order to do this, you need to call all of your insurance carriers and get different quotes. This will ensure that you get the best coverage possible for your belongings.

Another of these self storage tips deals with long term storage. You should be sure that you plan ahead for long term moves that involve your belongings. You should be able to know exactly where your stuff is going to be twenty or thirty years from now, and it’s important to be prepared for it. When you’re storing your things for a long period of time, you should be aware of the possibility that you might lose some of your belongings in the process, so it’s a good idea to buy packing supplies for long term moves that include your belongings. You can also call the company where your stuff is to check on the status of your belongings on a regular basis.

Eco friendly Tip

You might not think about it much, but one of the most important self storage tips is to be environmentally friendly when storing fragile items. The reason why this is so important is because you never really know what could happen to those items, even if they are in an extremely controlled environment. For this reason, it’s important to buy boxes that are both big enough to hold your belongings, and that are also environmentally friendly.

One of the most common self storage tips involves using boxes that are as big as possible. You might have to move some of your items onto larger, heavier furniture in order to fit all of your belongings in the unit. However, if you pack your fragile items correctly, you can make the move easier on everyone. You can call up different companies for help packing your unit, or you can also ask your friends and family to chip in. Either way, you’re going to want to do everything you can to protect your items from the elements.


Another of the best self storage tips is to make sure that your belongings are secured and kept separate from each other. This means that you need to go through the packing process with a crayon or marker in hand to mark off the different areas of your belongings. You also need to take special care to make sure that you don’t pack things together. This way, you’ll be able to keep track of what items you have and what items you need. There are a number of different strategies that you can use to make sure that your packing process goes smoothly, so remember that these tips are meant to be helpful, not to frighten you.

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