Simple And Effective Space Saving Garden Ideas

space saving garden ideas

If you’re struggling with fitting a larger garden into your small apartment here are 10 spaces saving garden ideas to save money! There are a number of other techniques, but these would be the basics. If you need more information I can always give it to you.

When planning some space saving garden ideas to fit in an apartment, there are some things to consider first. One of the biggest mistakes many people make is to try and fit a large vegetable garden into a small balcony railing. While the balcony rail or balcony railing itself may be able to hold a few pots you will end up paying over the odds for materials and the time to perform the task yourself. This is because it is so difficult to fit large pots and other garden structures onto a balcony railing.

The Right Size Pots


The other problem many people run into when trying to fit large pots into small spaces is the difficulty of finding the right size pots. With small gardens oftentimes you will need to cut the pot in half or in thirds and do some serious looking around before you find a pot that fits perfectly. When shopping for pots on the high street most supermarkets will stock a large variety of pots and some of these pots will fit a balcony rail well. However there are only a few specialist retailers on the high street that stock truly modern garden furniture with modern designs and these are usually expensive and therefore out of the price range of most of us!

Hanging garden baskets are space saving garden ideas that can be used in small apartments. You can hang baskets from walls or even a doorway and still enjoy all the benefits of having a hanging basket. Baskets come in all sorts of materials including plastic, metal and wicker and some can even be custom made to perfectly match your home and garden. If you live in an apartment without a lot of space and would like to try hanging garden baskets to save space then you can purchase a cheap plastic basket from any garden supplies store and simply attach it to the wall using bunting or rope.

Garden Planters

A large green landscape with bushes

Garden planters are great space-saving garden ideas that can also save space when placed in the correct place. You can decorate with planters and they can be as ornamental as you like. Just remember that you can always reposition a planter as you wish as this is very easy to do. If you choose to have a large planter placed in the center of your garden then you will need to make sure that you leave enough room to walk around the planter and move around safely. You don’t want someone to fall in!

Another space saving garden idea is using vertical gardens. These vertical gardens are growing systems that allow you to grow various types of plants at the same time. This makes it very easy to keep track of what you need to fertilize or water your plants. There are many different types of vertical garden planters to choose from and you can find some that are made from wire, wood, glass or even concrete. Some people like to use concrete because it allows for water drainage which can really help with watering.

A Fairly Small Garden

If you have a fairly small garden but want to try out some vertical gardening then one of your best space ideas is to build a garden wall. A garden wall is simply a frame around your garden that allows you to plant and place various items such as pots and flower beds without taking up too much space. The best thing about these walls is that they allow you to be creative and have a bit more of an impact on your garden.

Some people add a beautiful trellis system to their garden walls and then plant beautiful flowers and orchids that span the width of the trellis. Others choose to build a series of small planter boxes around their garden area. Either way it’s important to pay close attention to your garden wall plans so that you have a clear vision of where you want to place everything.

Final Words

Using space saving garden ideas isn’t difficult and doesn’t take much more than your imagination. There are a wide variety of different ways to save space and some of the most popular are by using different heights for containers, planting beds, flower beds and trellises. You can also plant fruit trees or berries in containers which can add a nice touch of color and elegance to small gardens. There are so many great options for small gardens but with a little imagination there is always room to add something new to your yard. In fact, you might find that it’s hard to get enough of using these space saving garden ideas.

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