Small Loft Bedroom Ideas to Maximize Your Space

small loft bedroom ideas

If a bigger bed is not what you need then consider a small loft bedroom. A loft bedroom gives the look and feel of a master bedroom but actually, it can be used as an additional sleeping area for guests or kids. In fact, having a loft bed in your home does not necessarily mean that it should take up all the space. There are loft styles with upper compartments to maximize their use while still looking incredible in any type of room layout. Here are some ideas to help you out!

Finish Your Loft Bedroom in Neutral Colors

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Maximize your small bedroom by painting the walls neutral colors such as white and cream which will make the rooms appear larger than they really are. The key here is simplicity when choosing furniture because oversize designs and pieces will only clutter the space and make it feel smaller.

Use Mirrors to Make a Room Look Bigger

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Mirrors will help any space always look bigger and a loft bedroom is not excluded from this. Place a full-length mirror into the wall across your bed to add depth and dimension to your room. You can even add multiple mirrors such as tall standing floor mirrors in the corner of your room which will also reflect light around the room.

Incorporate Open Shelving for Extra Space

Open shelving is a great way to decorate and organize small spaces because it serves both purposes plus adding style to your home décor. Use open shelving beside your bed for placing books, alarm clocks, lamps, and other necessities which you want within reach when lying on the bed – especially if you do not have any bedside table or nightstand.

Add Attractive Curtains to Your Windows

Curtains that are tied at the sides or simply just tucked will not only look beautiful in your room but also have a space-saving functionality. Depending on the size of your windows, you can even choose cloth blinds which are cheaper than curtains if you want a more affordable option. Either way, curtains will give you an extra window dressing for all year round or season change.

Place Stools Beneath Your Loft Bed for Extra Storage Space

A stool is typically used as a seat at home but there’s no reason why it cannot be used as an additional storage area under your loft’s bed. Since stools are typically lower than most tables, having one beside your bed can save you some space especially if your bed is with limited storage capabilities.

Use Hanging Wall Shelf for Small Jewelry and Bracelets

If you are into fashion accessories, then adding a hanging wall shelf beside your bed can give an instant storage solution for all of them! It can be as simple as putting up two hooks on the wall with the use of picture wire to create a chic-looking wall decoration that will also serve its purpose at the same time.

Make Your Loft Bedroom Personalized by Adding Unique Decorative Items

A loft bedroom can sometimes feel lonely without any personal touches for decoration. Thus, try to add items that represent yourself such as photos in frames or even small plants to liven up the space. In fact, adding plants will bring a breath of fresh air to your room especially if you live in an urban area where pollution is everywhere.


Maximizing your loft bedroom can be as easy as just following a few decorating ideas that we have suggested here. In fact, you don’t even need to apply all of them at once – just pick one or two and watch how it changes the entire look and feel of your room so much better.

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