Small Storage Units – Choosing the Right Size

small storage units

Small storage units can usually be fitted with their own floors just in case the floor does not fit. These units are usually about the same size as a closet and will usually hold one room s worth of stuff. You may also have some large bulky items such as a bed (to full size) or table which you could pack first, followed by all your smaller boxes, furniture, lamps, and accent tables. Just make sure you remember where you packed everything, it is easy enough to look at and take down the items. If you use boxes and containers that you brought with you, it will make life easier for you when packing.

There is really no standard when it comes to the sizes of small storage units. Many people use two-foot by two-foot cubicles which can hold many boxes and containers stacked on top of each other. However, most people keep their personal items in three feet by six feet cubicles. The best way to figure out what your personal items are is to put them in the drawer and then write the serial numbers of the containers. This way when you get to the store, you can ask the clerk what those particular boxes are or just grab the largest box and ask for it.

Small Storage Units

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No matter what type of small storage units you use, you need to have at least three feet of clearance on both sides of the closet. This will give you enough space to walk through the closet. There are some closet systems that have aisles at the bottom so you don’t have to climb over the boxes and containers. It is a good idea to mark the boxes and containers clearly with tape or colored pencils so that you do not lose anything while walking through the closet.

If you have a one-car garage, it is a good idea to purchase a climate-controlled small storage unit. Most of these are heated or ventilated but there are a couple of exceptions. You may need to invest in a window-to-door remote temperature control system. One car garage that is climate controlled offers this feature along with central air conditioning and heating. If you have one of these climate-controlled small storage units in addition to the regular garage, you will always be warm when the weather turns cold.

For medium-sized storage units, you will want a temperature control system similar to the one you would get in a one-car garage. These should be climate controlled as well. If you are concerned about the organization, you can purchase mini filing cabinets instead of using large rectangular storage units. These are great because they offer you maximum organization and are ideal for keeping small to medium-sized belongings. They come in many different sizes to accommodate all of your belongings.

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The last category of small storage units offers closet systems. Closet organizers are ideal if you do not have much room inside of your closet. Instead of being able to stuff everything into a single closet, you can use this space to organize all of your belongings into separate compartments. These systems allow you to utilize the space you have available underneath your bed or in a closet, maximizing what you have available in your closet space.

Here is a quick breakdown of the different types of small storage units that are available: mini filing units, closet systems, climate-controlled units, and mattresses. All of these systems work on the same principles. You put all of your possessions in labeled boxes. You then hang the boxes from the ceiling. When you are ready to retrieve your belongings, simply pull the hanging rods until you hear or feel a drawer release.

Final Words 

When you are looking for small storage units, be sure to do your homework. You will want to choose a unit size that best fits your needs. Keep in mind that there are many advantages to having a storage system, such as being able to protect your most valuable items from damage. So whether you are looking to store small seasonal items like holiday decorations, tools, holiday decor, holiday presents, holiday foods, or even small clothes, a seasonal storage unit can be the perfect solution for you.

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