Space Saver Bag Ideas You Should Learn About

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Every time you try to fit in items, you realize that there is no space and you can not fit in all the goods that you want to carry! Then you don’t need to worry. These space saver bags work wonders. This article will tell us about the importance and usage of space saver bags along with all the precautions you need to take while using them. Let’s find out about them in detail.

What Are Space Saver Bags?

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Space saver bags are nothing but vacuum storage bags that help to reduce the amount is space taken by any of your stuff. You just need a vacuum cleaner and you are ready to use these bags! These space saver bags not only reduce the amount of space taken up by bulky materials but also keep your items safe from odors, wrinkles, moths, and other insects. Isn’t that amazing!

Purchasing a space saver bag

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While selecting the ideal space saver bag, you need to keep in mind the size of the bag that you want for yourself. Most space saver bags have the capability to reduce the mass of your luggage by as much as 60-80%. But for that, the first requirement is that it should fit your bag. 

You can go for extra-large or jumbo-sized space saver bags for pillows, cushions, and your fluffy winter jackets. These will be ideal for the off-season storage of these items and also prevent any possible chances of odor or moths. You can go for the medium-sized space saver bags while packing your clothes. They are convenient to use and can fit your cupboard and luggage perfectly.

One more thing, you need to make sure that the quality of the space saver bag is durable and the zipper is perfectly airtight. Some bags can be compressed by using a hand pump, which may or may not is included with the space saver bags while others may be compressed by using a standard vacuum nozzle.

How To Use Space Saver Bag

• You place your item inside the space saver bag.

• Using a vacuum cleaner, you suck out the air from inside of these bags.

• The bulky size of these bags is reduced to only a fraction of their initial volume. 

Now, you can use these space saver bags for traveling, storing your clothes, and for packing them during the offseason.

Can A Space Saver Bag damage your clothes?

Yes, a space saver bag can cause damage to your clothes in certain situations. 

One of these is that most natural fiber clothes require air in order to maintain their structure. Being placed in vacuum conditions may hamper their quality and the fibers of the cloth may become frail and weak. 

The second reason is that while vacuum packing your clothes in a space saver bag, you compress your cloth due to which it loses its shape. Getting stored in this condition fir a really long time may damage your clothes. Once you take them out of the space saver bag, they may take really long time to get back to their original form. Studies and researchers say that in order to return back to its original shape the fabric will take time equal to the amount of time it was stored for. This means that if you store fabric in space saver bags for and year, the fabric will take approximately a year to return back to its original form.

Some of the materials that you need to avoid storing in a space saver bag are:

Fluffy items like big coats, sleeping bags, and down jackets.

Leather jackets and other leather clothing.

Natural fibers like wool and fur.


Although space saver bags are very useful, they also come along with some disadvantages. You may need to make proper use of these space saver bags and take all the necessary precautions if you don’t want to spoil the quality of your fabric.

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