Space Saving Bunk Bed Ideas – Eight Small But Practical Bunk Bed Designs For Girls And Boys Rooms

space saving bunk bed ideas

Bunk beds are becoming more popular these days and with good reason. This is one way to save space in a small bedroom without compromising comfort. You may think that the idea of buying a bunk bed is not something you would be interested in but it can actually be quite a fun experience. You will soon see the many space saving ideas that are available to help you create your ideal bedroom with limited space.

Loft Bed

The first of the space saving kids’ ideas is to buy a loft bed. There are different types of loft beds such as the twin over full and the full over futon types. It will depend on your taste, which you choose. You can also look at the trundle beds, which is a very clever idea. Instead of having two separate beds, you can have one single bed on the top and then the other can be placed on the bottom.

Next is the pull-out trundle bed. The reason why this is such a good space saver is because it takes up less space than both the standard twin over full and twin over futon bunk beds. If you choose a color that compliments the rest of the room, then this can help to brighten the room and make it look much larger. This is also perfect for children who are sharing rooms with their siblings.

Bookshelves To Store Clothes

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Some space saving kids’ ideas involve using bookshelves to store clothes. This is not only an effective way to store clothing but it will also save space. You should be able to fit in a medium-sized bed in this manner, which is perfect for young children. You may even consider buying storage bins for the clothes so they do not get lost. These can then be stashed away out of sight when your child is not looking.

If you want to create a small cubby house, then a great space saver idea is to use shelves. You can fit shelves in between work tables or in cupboards which have doors on the side. This will allow you to keep items such as books, DVDs, CDs, games and puzzles, whilst not storing them in a visible manner. Another space saving bed design is to use storage bins to store things which you do not necessarily need at home. For example, if you have a bedroom with a wardrobe, then putting shelving up above it could help you to free up more floor space in the bedroom.

Loft Conversion – One Of The Best

Another great idea is a loft conversion. This can take two rooms and turn them into one large room. With this option you would only need a loft, and a little bit of planning. You should be aware that you may have to give a little extra for the conversion. A few hundred dollars will get you an attic conversion done.

This is a great option if you do not want to give up the extra space. It can be used for storage and turned into a bed at night. The double deck design is also great if you are using the bunk bed design ideas for teens and want something a little different. You can get a loft that has two floors that are double wide, and that goes down to the floor in the middle of the loft.

Last Words

This is a great choice for a storage bunk bed. It can be used as a workstation or to have some books and papers on hand in case you need to study in bed. The loft can also be used for storage, and you can fold up the top bunk to have a full size bed. Some models can come with a pull-out desk, or a bookcase. A great choice for a bedroom with limited space, as well as being practical and versatile.

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