Space Saving Closet and Furniture Ideas

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Small houses work perfectly for nuclear families as they are easy to maintain and compact. But these smart small flats do come with a major problem and that is of storage. Most of us cannot even think of buying that comfortable recliner for our halls as space is always an issue in small flats. But to solve your dilemma, here are some interesting Italian space saving furniture options that you can think of.

Wall Hung Storage

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No space for cupboards or shelves in your kitchen for kitchen tools, spoons and other knick-knacks? No problem, we have this ultimate storage solution for your small kitchens. Get an ideal Italian wall hanger with multiple hooks. You can neatly arrange your spoons, egg beater, ladles, knives and other kitchen essentials in the hooks of this wall hanger and hang it on your kitchen wall.

Space Saving Ottoman

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Large houses often leave most of your huge spaces unused. If you are short of space for a shoe rack, get a space saving ottoman for your living rooms or bedrooms. Works great as a chair and even better for storing your shoes inside. 

Corner Hanging Bar

A corner hanging bar can work wonders for a small flat with limited storage. It works as a multi-purpose bar where you can hang your belts, caps, scarves, dresses and other daily essentials. 

Office Organizer

If you are a home-based freelancer or a student lacking a study room in your small flat, an Italian office organizer will help you get sorted with your office or study needs. A wall-mounted organizer has several nooks, hooks and pockets wherein you can put in your stationary, chargers, notes and other such work equipment.

Hydraulic Beds with Storage

Commonly used today in small homes, Italian hydraulic beds are easy to open and one can stuff in quite a lot of daily needs like bedsheets, pillows and covers in them easily. You can also get hydraulic sofa sets and diwan sets to utilize your space to the maximum. 

De-clutter and remove junk from your homes

People with small homes do not have the liberty of storing junk. It is always advisable to de-clutter your homes to get rid of old and unused stuff. Even Chinese Feng-shui advises one to de-clutter their homes. Many of us tend to hold on to keepsakes and old clothes thinking that we might need them someday, but the fact is that we never do. You can always donate old clothes and furniture to the needy and make space for essential items at home.

Maximum Use of Drawers

While buying Italian furniture for your small flat, ensure that you buy all your cupboards and cabinets with multiple drawers. Make maximum use of these drawers and arrange all your home goods neatly in these drawers to make your home organized and easy to access.

Italian space-saving furniture are cleverly designed to help you store more in less space.

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