Space Saving Furniture For Your Kitchen

space saving furniture dining table

The term ‘dining table’ refers to a number of different things. For some people it refers to a large dining table, perhaps one they have used in the past but which is too large for their home or apartment. Others would prefer a space saving coffee table, which is smaller than a normal dining table and fits easily in a corner. Then there are those who would rather own a foldable dining table that can be stored away neatly when not in use. These are space saving furniture pieces that will save you a lot of money and take up as little storage space as possible.

Dining tables can be made from many different materials including glass and metal. There is also wooden furniture that may not be so space saving furniture. When buying dining table tops, you should choose a material that has the ability to fold up into a small package when not in use. If the table top can’t fold up into a compact package you can use some clever storage solutions. You could use storage boxes or even duct tape to hide the remote control from view.

Space Saving Furniture Ideas

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If you want your kitchen to look less cluttered and more spacious you should consider purchasing storage cabinets or other space saving furniture. You can get some great space saving storage items, which can be hidden away behind paneling or in cupboards. Choose storage cabinets which fit well with the decor of your living space and don’t clash with it. You could choose a mirrored or stainless steel storage box to match your kitchen or you could buy some beautiful crystalline boxes to match a particular theme you have. They can really add a touch of style to a kitchen and if you have any type of granite counter top in your kitchen you will no doubt find that they can also make your cooking easier!

If you have a small dining area in your home and you want to make it look bigger, you can do this by purchasing a large table and add some chairs around it. This way your room looks more complete and if you have a lovely console table you can fit it round the side so you can hold a larger party and still have enough space to move around. If you are lucky enough to have floor space you could even add an eating area beneath the dining table. You may need to dig out old, broken, or unused floor space in order to fit a table there, but it is certainly an option.

Set Of Drawers Or Cabinets

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If you want to save space but you don’t have much on the floor, you can purchase a set of drawers or cabinets to hide away your unused items. Drawers come in all different shapes and sizes but again it’s best to match your existing space saving furniture to your drawers. Some space saving furniture can be very versatile and you can purchase many of them in one colour such as white, black, brown, or cream and mix and match them to achieve a great look. Another way to save space is to buy dining room furniture which has drawers and shelves built into them. Many drawers can be fitted with doors which allow you to store cutlery and glassware without having to open them up.

Dining Tables

Dining tables can also save space if you buy one that is a slightly bigger version of the dining table and have it fitted with drop leaves. These drop leaves can sit neatly on top of each other and hide away your plates, silverware, and other dining utensils. Again, if you have plenty of space you can purchase another table with drop leaves and then use those to fill in any gaps left by the original dining table. This way you can create a neat, streamlined look and still save space.

Some furniture retailers will sell dining tables and drop leaves separately. If you are going to shop this way, make sure you measure your room very carefully to ensure you buy the right size and that the table fits perfectly into its surroundings. Nothing looks worse than buying furniture only for it not to fit properly and leaving you with an uninviting and cluttered space.


Of course, no dining table would be complete without some matching chairs. Choose a stylish pair of chairs that can match those on your dining table. Choose a chair style that complements the table and saves space – something which is practical as well as looking great. With the right chairs and table, you will have a space saving kitchen which everyone can love.

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