Space Saving Travel Bags – Best Solution To Travel Problems

travel bag space saving

The idea is simple but very effective at saving your loads of space. You can put your clothes in these simple plastic bags with a zip-lock seal. Then you remove the air and reduce the space, which sometimes takes over 50%. There are few things that make these bags either great or average; you should keep these points in mind when you are going to buy standards space-saving bags:

The zip lock is reusable and comes with a nice slider, but sealing it by hand is a pain in the butt.

Buy space-saving bags that are not only compressed by vacuum also you can do it by hand.

The plastic should be strong.

Tips To Get Most Out Of The Spaced savers

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Don’t overfill the bags as it will lead to real problems.

It is made from plastic so only put clothes in them otherwise you might damage the plastic.

Remember that you can’t take a vacuum on your trip, so the extra space you save you will lose on your return trip.

These bags will wrinkle almost everything you put in them, so don’t put clothes in these bags that need to come out unwrinkled.

You get the most compression using it only on bulky items and then store them at the bottom of your suitcase. They normally come in a weird shape or very flat with lumps so that you can pack things on top of them.

Know How Space Saving Bags Work

These space-saving bags work in two main ways:

First of all, you place your clothes neatly in the bag without overfilling. Then your security closes the zip lock using a sliding helper and mixes you the bag is 100% sealed. Then you have to remove the air by rolling the air out or suck the air out of them with the help of a vacuum cleaner. The last option is with the more expensive space-saving bags from companies like Eagle creek. They offer such types of bags containing zippered systems that can help compress your clothes to a more manageable size. But they cannot compete with the real space saver bags.


Not using these amazing space-saving bags when you travel is a big mistake. It will help you in not only taking less luggage but also so you can bring back more shopping or things from your trip. You can take a smaller suitcase rather than your big one which you need when you go on a short vacation or business trip. There are many advantages of these amazing space-saving bags, which you will know after using these bags.

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