Space Saving Vacuum Bag-Know About It

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In recent years, as more and more people started compressing cloth and fabrication to save space, vacuum bags or compression bags have become very common.

When one travels or moves from house to house and is low on room, vacuum bags are useful. They are also very good for swaps in your closet for seasonal clothes. In summer and winter, they will aid you with needless cold clothes.

Clothing and towels in space are large and are often filled with fireplaces and air. They provide comforting facilities, pillows, duvets, and towels.

The air between these elements is sucked in with vacuum bags and its large size is reduced to a fraction of the original volume. The bags also prevent dust and humidity from being in the bag and make for more space in your home.

But it is not always advised to store clothes in vacuum bags for a considerable period – say six months per year. Certain fabrics require oxygen in order to maintain their form and it does not bode well for them to starve air for too long. Owing to undo compression, other fabrics create serious creases.

Does It Then Affect The Clothing Stored In Vacuum Bags?

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YES and NO are the answers.

Why YES?

For different purposes, cloth fabrics are not supposed to be kept in vacuum bags for a long time. Firstly, most natural fiber clothing requires air to preserve its shape.

When you vacuum all the air out of your clothing, you compact their fibers and form the garments.

It could harm your clothes if you store the materials in this condition for a very long time.

The vacuum packing bags removing the clothes would take a long time to uncompress the fibers. A specialist in fiber and polymer science has also proposed that the clothing made from these textiles would take as much time to uncompress in their pockets.

But you have to wait one year if it is processed until you’re ready to wear your clothing. It sounds very extreme to us, but you get the overall picture.

What products can vacuum sealing be avoided?

Some of the storage items in vacuum bags – whether or not for longer times – include:

Foamy things such as large coats and down jackets, 

• Leather jackets or other leather clothes 

 • Natural fibers such as fur and wool 

Natural fibers

Articles of natural fibers, such as wool and fur robes, should not, as described earlier, belong held in a vacuum bag. The fibers require a normal form of air.

It’s not harmful to store them in packing sacks for a few months, but you can start to harm when the storage period is more than 6 months.

You can air the textiles once in a while if you are going to leave them in your storage bags for a long time. Moreover, note that wool fabrics can contain moisture and could also compromise your vacuum bags with other parts of the fabric.

Vacuum seals can never be placed on fluffy things like hats, insulated jacks, or sleeping sacks which have plenty of air in them to perform optimally.


You should not harm your clothes in short periods while you are using vacuum, vacuum-secured store bags on the right clothes (cotton, spandex, polyester, etc.).

Consider using vacuum warehouses for seasonal storage or air the goods stored every six months if you would like to keep things longer.

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