Storage Ideas for a Small Apartment

small apartment storage ideas

If you have a small apartment, storage is important. A cluttered closet can actually be quite embarrassing. Many people spend hours simply searching for their lost shoes, wallet, keys, or cell phone. There are solutions to the problem of storage for small apartments that you can use yourself, without spending any money on commercial solutions that may be ineffective and costly.

Small Apartment Storage Ideas

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Some of the best small apartment storage ideas involve maximizing your closet space whilst optimizing other areas of your home. Get rid of your old clothes; keep only clothing that is wearable, in good condition, and easy to match with other items. Clearing your closet of old t-shirts, shorts, tank tops, lingerie, belts, hats, or other items will be easier to do as well. You can then purchase new items from your local thrift shop or garage sale to place in your new wardrobe. Adding extra shelf shelving to your closet will also assist you with your storage needs.

Other small apartment storage ideas focus on using the wall space in your closets to hang various accessories such as scarves, blankets, purses, and other smaller items. Consider using hanging cubes or baskets to hang folded towels. Purchase large, sturdy hangers to hang coats. You can then use the hangers to hang your bags or your shoes, if you want. This will give you plenty of hanging space, allowing you to organize the clutter in your closets in a much more efficient way. Hanging baskets also lend a decorating element to your room.

When it comes to small apartments, there are very few places where you can get free floor space. Most of the time, your floors are covered with carpets, or have very little, if any, open floor space at all. Fortunately, there are many simple and cost-effective solutions to organizing small apartments that utilize shelves. Some of the most common ideas for storing items in small apartments include hanging light fixtures, using custom wall shelves, and using shelves that are placed through the ceiling.

One of the more popular small apartment storage ideas involves the use of smart technology. There are several smart technology solutions available for apartments. For example, you can use an iPhone or other smartphone to track the location of items in your home. You can then set off an alert, which will get your attention when you are in the shower or when you arrive home after being out of town for a few days. With this technology, you can declutter your bathroom, arrange the clutter in your bedroom, or even monitor the activity in your laptop computer.

In addition to smart technology solutions, you can also take advantage of some of the more traditional storage ideas for a small apartment. For instance, you can maximize space by storing linens and clothing in baskets or garment bags. This will allow you to keep shoes and clothing off the floor, where they will wear out quickly. You can also save a great deal of space by keeping miscellaneous items such as books, DVDs, jewelry, blankets, stuffed toys, etc.

If you are looking for ideas for storing things in a small apartment but cannot quite figure out where to begin, consider using a small closet. There are many closet organizing systems that allow you to create multiple spaces in a small apartment or condo without having to destroy walls or floors. One of the best features of these systems is the fact that they use the closet as an alternate storage area for your non-closeted items. This means that you can still access the items that you need, but at a much more convenient location.

End note

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The best solution to organizing small apartments is to utilize available space in various areas throughout the home. You should look for sturdy shelves that will store all of your belongings and arrange them in whatever way is most convenient for you. Consider the layout of your room and what type of shelving will work best for it. It is a good idea to install hooks so that you can hang various items from the shelves, including decorative ones that would compliment your wall color or the furniture in your room. You can then use a small hand crank to get the items down when you need to use them.

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