The Best Space Saving Stair Designs for Your Home

space saving stair designs

Space is one of the most valuable things many homeowners have to work with. Space often comes at a premium in most homes, so finding ways to maximize it with innovative solutions is always welcome. There are some interesting ideas out there that can help you save space while making your home safer and more enjoyable. Today we’ll be exploring these ideas, which range from creative furniture to way-out staircases that will save you space.

Some of these concepts aren’t really practical for everyone because they are built on aesthetic principles but others are simple straightforward space-saving ideas that could easily suit any home, depending on how much you’re willing to invest in them.

Here are the Best Space Saving Stair Designs for Your Home:

Spiral Stairs

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Spiral stairs are among the most interesting solutions for saving space in your home. They add a touch of uniqueness to any room and they look pretty much like a ribbon twisting around itself, giving them an organic feel. There is also something admirable about these kinds of stairs when you think that they’re actually made from steel rather than any wood or stone material, which helps them save on space.

Slide Stairs

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A slide is probably the best way to add some fun to your home and you can’t go wrong by building one inside the house. The steps of this slide, which is turned upside-down, actually make up a part of the staircase itself and they’ve been given a rail that hides them in their resting position.

Ladder Staircase

Ladders are not typically built into homes but if you’ve got that kind of space then why not? The use of a ladder allows you to save an enormous amount of space in your home by using one object that can be used as a stair, but also as storage.

Tilt Staircase

Now, this is something different and it doesn’t look like something you’ll find in Asia, even though the concept is based on their traditional architecture practices. If you didn’t know what this was before seeing it, you’d think it may actually be a slide since there’s no other staircase that looks like this one. The stairs tilt from side to side from level to level, giving them a kind of balance that makes it easier to get up and down without tripping over you.

Slide/Stairs Combo

This somewhat dangerous-looking object is not a real slide but a kind of transition between a regular staircase and a slide. It’s designed to look like a regular staircase with stairs going up, but there’s also a small slide that allows you to go down faster or even in an easier way. This will save on space in any room regardless of whether it has the height for normal ceiling slides.

Folding Staircase

This beautiful folding staircase looks more like an art installation than something anyone could actually use in their home, but it works great as both! The entire staircase is shaped in such a way that when it’s folded against the wall, it takes up almost no space at all and it becomes difficult even to notice that anything is actually there.


Saving space is always an attractive proposition for any homeowner because it allows you to either create more room or actually use the space they’ve already got. If you want to learn about more space-saving furniture, modern bathrooms, contemporary kitchens, and many other interesting ideas for your home.

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