The Best Way To Decorate Your Walls Without Spending Time And Money In Difficult Installation!

A wall sticker is a decorative item that is stuck on the wall. Wall stickers can not only be stuck on a wall but any smooth surface. It is used as a decorative as well as an informative sticker. The wall stickers are made with the help of a vinyl cutting machine. When a wall sticker is made, it usually comes in one color. Depending upon the requirements, images may be printed on the stickers. 

Acrylic Mirror Wall Sticker

It is a beautiful mirror surface wall sticker. It is made from acrylic and can be easily attached to the walls. The material is non-toxic, making it safe to be used inside homes.  These acrylic mirror wall stickers are reflective, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant. At the back for easy sticking, it has strong industrial type adhesive. 

Since the material is acrylic, it can easily reflect light making it a perfect option for decoration around the TV, couch, or dining room. This product can be shipped free of cost worldwide, and according to the packet chosen, there are 500,100,200 and 500 pieces each. Check out how Acrylic Mirror Wall Sticker works for you.


  • Pattern: Mirror Surface Wall Sticker
  • Style: Europe
  • Classification For: Wall
  • Specification: Multi-piece Package
  • Scenarios: WALL
  • Model Number: Ceiling Wall Decal
  • Material: Acrylic


Following are the pros of using a mirror wall sticker that is acrylic: – 

  • Using wall stickers creates stunning visuals. These wall stickers also help recreate memories, and using them is always a memorable experience. 
  • If you are into the wall stickers business, custom made wall stickers can help promote your brand. Wrap places with your stickers that would help you gain some attention. 
  • Since these wall stickers are not permanent, they can be removed when not wanted. 
  • They do not diminish the look of the wall. According to your taste and mood, you can change the wall stickers. 
  • These wall stickers do not require any maintenance and do not require frequent cleaning. 
  • Mirror wall stickers are more durable and require very little upkeep.


Following are some of the cons of having wall stickers: – 

  • Though some acrylic is scratch-resistant, there are more chances of an acrylic getting scratches than glass. 
  • It is difficult to clean acrylic wall stickers if they have stains of oil or grease. It can be cleaned by mixing some detergent on water but still is at risk of ruining the wall stickers.
  • If the acrylic is bent before sticking, then the wall sticker is ruined. The distorted wall sticker won’t look good, resulting in a ruined mirror wall sticker. 
  • Under stress, acrylic can easily develop cracks and get damaged. 


Overall it is a good product for aesthetic pleasing. Instead of opting for wallpapers, these stickers can be used, which would result in some great decorative pieces. There are some drawbacks to using these stickers, but many are preferred by many because of their strong nature and light in weight.

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